Scrimshaw Pocket Knife Kit

Found on Cool Material

Scrimshaw is a style of art that originated on the high seas in the late 1700s. As whalers sought ways to kill time, they turned to etching drawings into discarded whale bones and finishing them with carbon black or tobacco juice. Now you can dabble in scrimshaw yourself with The Scrimshaw Knife Kit (no tobacco juice needed!). Use the tools to add some artwork to the bone handle of the included pocket knife. Whether you adorn it with an arrow, a snake, an anchor, or something you concoct is up to you. No matter the design you choose, when finished, the trapper knife will feel completely your own. You’ll be left with a sharp, two-bladed knife with a bit of personality. Consider it a little weekend DIY project and a perfect intro into scrimshaw.

$ 48.95