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This Airbnb Alternative Is Designed For People That Love Architecture

Everyone knows Airbnb, the app where you can rent a room or whole house from someone. It lets you stay in places that go beyond the classic hotels and B&B’s and allowing you experience a place more ‘like a local’. But if you want to stay in a place that offers more than just a roof over your head, and are searching for great interior design, you might not always find what you were looking for. Luckily, there’s an alternative for architecture enthusiasts!

PlansMatter makes it possible to stay in well-designed houses, build by famous architects. PlansMatter is very similar to the vacation rental service Airbnb. Except, the homes listed on PlansMatter need to be beautifully designed, authentic and have an architectural value. Some of their favorite residences include “Villa Vals”, designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller in the Swiss Alps, and “The Kinney House”, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. They only add and search for properties they’d want to stay in themselves.

KINNEY HOUSE - Lancaster, WI, USA - PlansMatter Architecture

“Use PlansMatter if you appreciate the importance of beautiful architecture and how it can influence your experience – wherever you may decide to go.”

Co-founders Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner met each other in architecture school and shared the same passion for design and architecture. They wanted to elevate the importance of design and that more people were able to enjoy great architecture during their travels. Because your accommodation also makes or breaks your travel experience!

BIRKEDAL - Rabylille Beach, Isle of Moen, Denmark - PlansMatter Architecture
BIRKEDAL – Rabylille Beach, Isle of Moen, Denmark

For most people, architecture is something they can only witness on the streets, or by looking at design pieces in a museum. PlansMatter makes it possible to experience the importance of great design, while staying in an architectural house yourself.

PlansMatter offers properties on five continents and is now also adding the option to book exceptional well-designed hotels. See all the property listings and their availabilities on PlansMatter.

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