Increase Natural Light

10 Ways To Increase Natural Light Into Your Home

What’s the purpose of having beautiful designer furniture and decoration objects if you put them in a dark room with almost no natural light? Having plenty of natural light into your home is so important because, besides putting that furniture into the spotlight, it will also give you a better living environment with plenty of vitamin D. Not only your house will brighten up, but so will you! Increase natural light into your home with our 10 tips.


Avoid Dark & Bulky Furniture

You’d be surprised how much light gets absorbed by dark furniture. Try to add as much as light colored objects as you can. The same problem occurs with bulky furniture. Often they make such a significant impact to the room size that all your natural light gets caught by it. Maybe you can replace that bulky coffee table with a glass table top one?

Increase Natural Light

Add Windows

It might be obvious but installing big windows in your house will maximize the amount of natural light. Break the rules of traditional window sizes and install wall-size windows. If you have a garden, install a big glass sliding door!

Paint Your Walls White (Or Use Bright Colors)

Painting your walls in light colors might seem like a no-brainer, but still, a lot of people make the mistake of getting dark colors like brown or dark grey. By painting your walls white, the light can reflect from every side in the room. Another advantage is that your room will feel much bigger with white walls. The same applies for ceilings because they span over the whole place, it’s really important to give them a light color! If you don’t like white, opt for cream tones or bright colors.

Install Reflective Tiles

Reflective tiles give you the ‘mirror-effect’. By installing reflective tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, they can reflect up to 100% of your natural light, which will make a huge difference. Adding wood or concrete materials will make a great combination.

Increase Natural Light

Try To Make Your Room Bigger

This might not be a solution for everyone, and it’s a big adjustment, but why not breaking some inner walls down? Making your rooms bigger by blending two different rooms together will make a huge improvement! For example, break down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. It will not only increase natural light but also the interactivity if you have guests coming over.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Make sure that no furniture is right in front of the windows. Moving that couch a few feet back will already make a difference. You might need to rearrange your furniture to get the most out of the natural light coming in.

Less Is More

Always remember that less is more. Don’t fill up your room with all kinds of things, because every item will absorb some of the natural light. Give your room more open space by removing unnecessary items. A simple adjustment can already increase natural light and will make the room bigger too!

Increase Natural Light

Install A Skylight

If you have a room on the roof and want to increase the amount of natural light coming in, a skylight might be your perfect option! Besides bringing in more light, it also heats up your room naturally directly from the sun, so it will save you some money on the electrical bill too.

Add Mirrors

A well-placed mirror can increase the amount of natural light into your room significantly! Mirrors reflect light, so the more mirrors, the more light will bounce into your room! Hang your mirrors opposite windows and it will act as a second window. Using reflective or metallic portrait borders also make a difference.

Get Glass Doors

Replace your solid door with glass ones. You can use doors that are entirely made from glass or just simply add a window into your solid door. Using frosted film or tinted glass can be the right solution if you want more privacy.

10 Ways To Increase Natural Light Into Your Home
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10 Ways To Increase Natural Light Into Your Home
Having plenty of natural light into your home is important to highlight your interior. Increase natural light into your home with our 10 expert tips.

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