How To Give Your Bedroom A Boutique Hotel Makeover

How To Give Your Bedroom A Boutique Hotel Makeover

Who doesn’t love staying in a boutique hotel? The beautiful linen, stylish décor, and feeling of absolute relaxation you get as soon as you walk through the door of your room.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy that feeling. You can re-create the look at home, without having to spend a fortune, with these simple tricks and tips for your boutique hotel makeover.


Choose A Statement Headboard

Choosing a wow headboard for your bedroom is a great way to add a sense of grandeur to the room, and the best part is that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to create something truly impressive.

This French-style bedframe, which features in The Rosebery Hotel in Newcastle, was salvaged from a vintage fair, re-upholstered, and repainted for a modern and luxurious feel.

By choosing to have a pattern on the headboard, rather than on curtains, you not only help to make the bed your focal point, but you also get a chance to really appreciate the beauty and fullness of the print every time you get in bed.

If you prefer a more neutral look, you can still create subtle drama by choosing a headboard with interesting architectural details and textures. You can turn pretty much any salvaged item into a headboard and it’s a great way to obtain something unique at an affordable price.

To keep the focus on the headboard and give your bedroom that hotel feel, invest in some quality white bedding; think high-thread-count sheets that make you want to count down the minutes to bedtime. Don’t forget to add cushions that match the headboard as the finishing touch!

Create A Feature Wall

When you stay at a boutique hotel, it’s more than likely that you will see beautiful patterned or textured wallpaper adorning at least one of the walls of the room, as you can see in the image below, taken at The Gunton Arms.

Sticking to one wall is a great way to make a statement and works well for framing a bed, while also making it easy to keep the costs down. Be sure not to go overboard; ground it with neutrals to keep the look elegant.

Choose An Expensive Color Palate

If you want your bedroom to feel like an expensive hotel room, then it’s best to opt for classic or muted colors. Think neutral heritage colors that you would find in nature, such as clay, ochre, and sienna.

Don’t worry about neutral colors looking boring, you can give the space more dimension by using different textures and materials.

This beautiful room at The Middleton Lodge Estate in North Yorkshire is a perfect example of how you can keep neutrals interesting. In this case that involved maintaining some of the original features of the Farmhouse Suite during the restoration and mixing these in with neutral modern materials.

Of course, your bedroom is a very personal space, so feel free to inject a bit of your personality when choosing your color palate. If you prefer bright colors, then there is no reason not to add these in.

Add A Touch Of The Unexpected

Don’t be afraid to be eclectic; you don’t want your home to look like something out of a catalogue with matchy-matchy pieces when you’re trying to create a luxury hotel vibe.

Instead, try to look for one of a kind vintage or antique pieces. As long as the color works and the overall look is balanced, then having a slightly off-kilter piece is no problem.

The Artist Residence in Oxfordshire shows us how it’s done in their eclectically decorated Stable Suite. Their rooms feature unique reclaimed pieces, exposed beams, limited edition prints, and antique furniture to create a comfortable, modern, and luxurious feel.

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Featured image courtesy of The Rosebery Hotel.

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