What's this?

We search for unique designer products on the internet so you don't have to.

We go deep into the cracks of the web in search for the most unique homeware and designer products that you always wanted to have. These products are collected on Maison Pamplemousse for your convenience.

We send you directly to the right seller.

When you find the product you always wanted to have, just click on the ‘buy now’-button and we’ll redirect you to the right seller, without any inconvenient loops.


Do we sell products directly on Maison Pamplemousse?

Unfortunately, we do not sell the products that are featured on Maison Pamplemousse ourselves. We just send you through to the correct seller of these products.

Who decides which products get featured?

Our team has a great eye for unique products and beautiful design. They are on the lookout for the best products available online 24/7. We only choose the products that we’d want ourselves, and are sure you’ll want them too!

Can I submit a product?

Because we handpick the products ourselves and want to maintain the quality of the products that are being featured, you can’t add a product on the website. But because we can’t see everything, you can always email us if you think that a certain product would fit well on Maison Pamplemousse.

I own a brand, can we work together?

We are always open for suggestions in partnerships between like-minded brands and businesses. Hit us up with your pitch!